wxSQLite3 2.0.0 released

The new version 2.0.0 of wxSQLite3 - a thin wrapper for the SQLite database for wxWidgets applications - supports the current version 3.7.0 of SQLite. This version is compatible with wxWidgets 2.8.11 and wxWidgets 2.9.1.

A bug in class wxSQLite3ResultSet has been fixed. Support for SQLite's write-ahead log journal mode was added. Named collections were introduced to make dynamic parameterizing IN constraints of WHERE conditions with arbitrary sized value lists easy (see class wxSQLite3NamedCollection). The UTF-8 string handling was changed to use methods To/FromUTF8 of the wxString class (requires wxWidgets 2.8.4 or higher)

The wxSQLite3 file release contains the doxygen generated documentation.

The complete C source code for building SQLite with 128 resp. 256 bit AES encryption is included. For convenience the SQLite amalgamation source code is included, too. Additionally the source code of the optional SQL extension functions module is included as well.

The file release for Windows additionally contains version 3.7.0 of the SQLite DLL in 3 different flavors: the original unmodified DLL, and 2 DLLs supporting optional database file encryption using 128 resp. 256 bit AES encryption. SQLite link libraries for MinGW on Windows are included, too. Additionally a precompiled SQLite shell with encryption support for Windows is included.

See: http://sourceforge.net/projects/wxcode

Posted by Ulrich Telle 2010-07-24

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