#130 wxJSON <= 1.2 - error building against wxBase

wxJSON (16)

The mail received from Tian Yantao:

wxJSON works very well with wxWidgets-GTK.
But when I reconfigure it with wxWidgets-base,
there comes a problem which saying:
Cannot detect the currently installed wxWidgets port !
Please check your 'wx-config --cxxflags'...


  • Luciano Cattani

    Luciano Cattani - 2011-04-19

    The solution, by now, is to edit the configure script in order to support wxWidgets-base:

    WX_GTKPORT1=$(expr "$WX_SELECTEDCONFIG" : ".*gtk1.*")
    WX_GTKPORT2=$(expr "$WX_SELECTEDCONFIG" : ".*gtk2.*")
    WX_BASEPORT=$(expr "$WX_SELECTEDCONFIG" : ".*base.*")
    WX_MSWPORT=$(expr "$WX_SELECTEDCONFIG" : ".*msw.*")
    WX_MOTIFPORT=$(expr "$WX_SELECTEDCONFIG" : ".*motif.*")
    WX_MACPORT=$(expr "$WX_SELECTEDCONFIG" : ".*mac.*")
    WX_X11PORT=$(expr "$WX_SELECTEDCONFIG" : ".*x11.*")
    WX_MGLPORT=$(expr "$WX_SELECTEDCONFIG" : ".*mgl.*")
    WX_DFBPORT=$(expr "$WX_SELECTEDCONFIG" : ".*dfb.*")

    if test "$WX_GTKPORT1" != "0"; then WX_PORT="gtk1"; fi
    if test "$WX_GTKPORT2" != "0"; then WX_PORT="gtk2"; fi
    if test "$WX_BASEPORT" != "0"; then WX_PORT="base"; fi
    if test "$WX_MSWPORT" != "0"; then WX_PORT="msw"; fi
    if test "$WX_MOTIFPORT" != "0"; then WX_PORT="motif"; fi
    if test "$WX_MACPORT" != "0"; then WX_PORT="mac"; fi
    if test "$WX_X11PORT" != "0"; then WX_PORT="x11"; fi
    if test "$WX_MGLPORT" != "0"; then WX_PORT="mgl"; fi
    if test "$WX_DFBPORT" != "0"; then WX_PORT="dfb"; fi

    Many thank to Tian Yantao who discovered and fixed the bug.

  • Luciano Cattani

    Luciano Cattani - 2011-04-19
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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