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Announcement: wxCL 1.0.0

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We are pleased to announce the first release (1.0.0 Alpha) of wxCL, a
new open source GUI library for Common Lisp. The goal of the project
is to provide an industrial strength portable GUI library for
application developers, which runs across all lisp implementation and
operating system platforms.

wxCL builds upon wxWidgets, a comprehensive C++ library that provides
uniform application interface to all major GUI platforms; including
GTK, Windows, X11, and MacOS X. wxWidgets is a mature library which
was first released in 1992, and since improved upon by a committed
developer community, it is ranked among the top 25 most active
projects on sourceforge. wxWidgets makes many features available to
Common Lisp environments which have been missing in traditional
GUI toolkits for this programming language.

The current release of wxCL already supports about 75 % of the
wxWidgets (release 2.4.2) functionality: almost 1,500 member functions
of 125 classes with 1,200 constant definitions. It runs on CLISP, an
open-source, ANSI-compliant implementation of Common Lisp and is
tested on Windows XP but it should work on Linux and Mac OS X as well
(not tested due to lack of resources).

Most of the Foreign Function Interface were automatically generated
using the clisp module of SWIG from the C bindings written by wxEiffel
and wxHaskell project groups. Due to the size of the library, not all
of the bindings have been validated, but we expect most of them to
work without much tweaking.

We look forward to your feedback on the first release of wxCL and hope
it serves your needs.

All the best,
wxCL - Project Team.

Posted by Surendra Singhi 2005-08-15

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