Thanks for the response!
It's solved (!!) :-)

I'm now compiling the assembler sources and linking everything without problems.
We figured that it was generated by NetBeans, and so we downloaded it and loaded the project. At first I was sort of against using NetBeans... I'm sort of a dinosaur who uses vim+command line, but in the end: I have to admit that NetBeans is a pretty confortable IDE.

Poking around the NetBeans 7.1.2 configuration I was able to add and compile the assembler code. It didn't take much efford, tho I had to change the way the ASM functions were declared inside the headers because netbeans uses g++ and the SSE functions we're generating have to be interpreted as C functions.
A simple declaration was needed: extern "C" {void asm_function();} for every assembler function.

Thanks again!

On Tue, Jun 26, 2012 at 2:29 PM, Marco Lorrai <iking@aruba.it> wrote:
On 06/25/2012 11:53 PM, Galimba wrote:
Hello everyone.

I'm downloading the CVS right now.
I noticed you use automake and I'm not familiar with the software and it's configuration files. I was wondering: what's the best way to include the assembler functions into the compilation process?

Lets say I have a cool filter coded in assembler, and I save the source in filter.asm. This file, exports the function void asm_filter(...);
Now I want to use it, so I add a new filter option to the interface, and then declare a new function on the header filters.h:
void asm_filter(...);

then I expand the declaration on filters.cpp:
#extern void cool_filter(...);

void cool_filter(...){

The question is... how do I get automake to compile and link the filter.asm file into a filter.o, and then use it's exported function to handle the missing function?

Right now, I'm using nasm -g -f elf filter.asm to compile, and ld to link, and it'd be great if I could get the Makefile to do the job done.

Thanks in advance

Hi, I have no knowledge of asm building. I can only tell you that CVS version uses a netbeans-generated makefile (and not autotools), that is simple to manipulate. But I don't know if it is easy to manage with netbeans GUI the adding of asm sources.

Marco Lorrai.