I tried all of the Video Standards yesterday (I am using NTSC).

I was able to get it working this morning by doing the following.
Frame format: YUYV
Driver: AUTO

Close the program and reopen. This gave me static on the screen instead of black indicating it was pulling from the Television input (actually it only showed static for a second and then went black but this was because mythtv is running in the background - if I shut mythtv down it stays static).

To get my survallence CCTV camera working on the composite input I did the following:
Close wxCam
Open XawTV
Change input to: Composite1
Close XawTV
Open wxCam and now instead of showing the Television input it is pulling from Component1.

Maybe my next research will be to find out how to get v4l to use Component1 by default.

On Sun, Jul 11, 2010 at 4:10 AM, Marco Lorrai <iking@aruba.it> wrote:
On 07/11/2010 03:04 AM, Randy B wrote:
I installed wxcam_1.0.6_i386.deb on Ubuntu 10.4 and the program opens fine but displays a black screen. I believe it is pulling from the wrong input on my capture card (like VLC and xawtv default to). Can wxCam be switched to the composite input?

This is what wxCam detected:
Webcam Capabilities
Name: Kworld ATSC110/115
Channels: 3
Audio: No
Min resolution: 48x32
Max resolution: 704x480
Try Settings -> Video Standard