I am the owner of the website, which specialises in file download. It is a new website, which I plan to develop not only considering file download, but also online entertainment in many aspects. However, I do not want to overwhelm my website with a giant amount of advertisements, thus preventing visitors to find what they want. I want this site to develop in a professional and sensible way.
I noticed that you have created some very interesting programs, which I would gladly place on my website. The download link would be redirected to the download section of your website. Furthermore, I would place additional link which would redirect visitors to your website, once they click the name of the creator of the program. Were you to agree, I would like to know if you would provide me with the description of a program, or should I prepare one myself? I believe that such form of cooperation will bring many mutual profits, as well as increase the number of visitors on our websites.
If you would agree to my placement of your programs on the website, would it be possible for you to place a link to my website in a visible place on your website?
I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Rafał Fraś
gg: 3617404