Movement detection?

  • Chris Belknap

    Chris Belknap - 2008-07-30

    I'm finding a lack of documentation for the basic functions of wxCam. I'm able to take snapshots and video, but I can't seem to get movement detection to work. I've scaled the sensitivity from 20-95% and nothing works. I've left the area as default, since it's the entire screen. I've also tried making new areas and I'm unsure how to modify/delete areas that you might not want anymore. Is there a way? Also, do the multiple areas work or just the last one you've drawn? I've walked through the area that I'm trying to get movement detection working in... dark clothes against light colored rock. I've even driven my electric blue colored car through. Am I doing something wrong?

    • coldfusion

      coldfusion - 2008-08-06

      Movement detection works only with video recording. You must record a video to see movement detection working. If the Movement detection option is enabled, in the resulting avi will be recorded only frames with movements.


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