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eimSMS and www-sms will merge

The eimSMS project and the www-sms project will merge as soon as possible. I've just requested to migrate the eimsms CVS module from the eimSMS project to a new www-sms CVS module called www-sms-send.

All eimSMS related development will this way continue on www-sms.

Furtheremore the www-sms project webpage is being update, some changes are already visible.

Posted by Ivo Marino 2005-03-11

0.09 released!

Hello WWW-SMS folks,
Today the new WWW-SMS mantainer Ivo Marino <>
has released the 0.09 version of WWW-SMS.

Take a look at the ChangeLog and release notes for further intormations, have fun with WWW-SMS!

Posted by Ivo Marino 2003-04-03

0.08 bug fix release

- Fixed a couple of silly bugs
- Added simple tests

Posted by Giulio Motta 2002-07-01

WWW::SMS 0.07

First update in many months thanks to Juergen Weigert who worked out a couple german gateways. Here's the changelog:

- New submodules: Enel (by me), GsmboxDE and
LoopDE (by Juergen Weigert)
- No more silly __DATA__ in Telephone:Number.
- Now we "use strict" even in Telephone:Number.

Posted by Giulio Motta 2002-06-30

0.06 Release

Some fixes. Some rewriting. now is cuter. And is more functional.

Posted by Giulio Motta 2002-02-19

0.05 release

-new for Russia
-new for France
-new GsmboxUK for UK
-now you can sort gateways() by RELIABILITY
-better code in Telephone::Number

I cannot put the changelog in the file release page cause SourceForge got some problems with them.

Posted by Giulio Motta 2001-11-28

Developers Mailing List

A mailing list for developers is now available.
Please subscribe just if you want to keep in touch with coding the library.
A 0.05 release is soon to be released with 3/4 new submodules, new methods, improved performance and a free beer for everyone. :)

Posted by Giulio Motta 2001-11-27

0.04 is out!

Lots of changes!
I also got to broke something in submodules.
So now we got a more OO interface (with a cool $sms->send($gateway).just as cbouvi suggested), a new Telephone::Number module (that allows to send SMS without splitting phone number in three parts) and many more, also including a Makefile.PL! Oh my god, do you really trust to "make install" it? It's my first Makefile.PL so tell me everything that's wrong.

Posted by Giulio Motta 2001-11-15

Back to work!

I'm back from NYC, never been to US before, it's been a great trip.
Anyway news about the project:
- Dmitry E. Dmitriev is the first to submit a working module for Russian SMS service. Thank you for the good job
- We are searching for a good namespace for new Telephone::Number submodule. I suppose the best location to be Number::Phone::Mobile. Anyway maybe the submodule is just too specific for our work and it should fit under the WWW::SMS::Something namespace...
-Please always remember that re-offering services from other free SMS is somewhat illegal. While i think using WWW::SMS for personal purposes as keeping a phonebook, administrative tasks, keeping you updated with something, etc. to be legitimate (we go through the whole HTTP connection a browser usually does), i really suppose giving access to the same services to other people to be unlawful without prior authorization by the gateway owner.
Ok, that's all for today... ah, one last thing: anybody got a Canada Dry Ginger Ale can there? I really miss it...

Posted by Giulio Motta 2001-11-07

On Holidays

I took a holiday from everything on the next 5 days.
I'll be back on November 5.

Posted by Giulio Motta 2001-10-30

Version 0.03

You can download it from

Some changes made on suggestions by users makes the new() and the gateways() methods smarter.
If no bug is found this release will be a good base for developing submodules.

Posted by Giulio Motta 2001-10-25

New version 0.02

In the new version: proxy and cookie_jar support, better documentation and better submodules to hack on. Good work.

Posted by Giulio Motta 2001-10-23

First documentation available

I have written some POD docs for the WWW::SMS module and it's available in HTML format for easier consultation at
It's really interesting to who wants to write submodules and I think it to be a good starting point for discussion on pros and cons of my approach to the problem.

Posted by Giulio Motta 2001-10-19

First sources in CVS tree

Yesterday night i have uploaded a first version in the CVS tree, please take a look there for now. I will upload a release package when i am done with the basics things.

Posted by Giulio Motta 2001-10-18