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WW2D 0.99.88 RC1 is available

Major changes

* New user interface
No comments here. You'll see the difference instantly. Organize your workspace with docking windows and tabs, all with nice look and feel.
* Bookmarks
Simply press Ctrl+D to bookmark your favorite place, assign nice icon and you'll never loose it on the map again. Organize in folders and search your bookmarks.
* Embedded scripting support
Create powerful scripts in Java-like language right in built-in Script Editor with syntax highlighting. Now you don't need any external tools to extend and adapt WW2D for your needs. Simple script that creates new date/time layer is included.
* Improved Layer Manager
Now you can quickly rearrange layers, change fonts, colors and opacity. Also save as many configuration schemes as you want and optionally load one of them when application starts.
* Add-on Manager
View information about all installed add-ons, compress your own add-on for distribution as single-file package, and install such add-on packages with only several clicks.
* Internationalization
Explore Earth in your native language. Now WW2D fully supports this, includes English and Russian translations and everybody can help by translating it to another language.
* Settings Editor
Control all internal parameters, change everything you don't like in default WW2D behaviour.... read more

Posted by Vitaliy Pronkin 2006-08-28

WW2D 0.99.88 Beta 1 is available

It's first major update for a long time since previous version.

Changes in this beta
New much improved modern user interface
Support for multi-user environments
Much better image quality for layers in Mercator projection
Improved Layer Manager - quick layer settings, drag'n'drop layer reordering, save/restore current config

List of all features planned for 0.9.88 and more info is available at http://ww2d.csoft.net/index.php?title=Version_0.99.88

Posted by Vitaliy Pronkin 2006-06-15