Commit Date  
[r20] by boemann

make std public and fix some documentation

2009-08-13 21:24:21 Tree
[r19] by tuubaaku

fix a bug where a member variable was not correctly preserved through saveState() and restoreState()

2009-07-11 22:33:24 Tree
[r18] by tuubaaku

addition to the AUTHORS file

2009-03-06 22:55:10 Tree
[r17] by tuubaaku

tag wv2-0.3.1

2009-03-05 11:55:37 Tree
[r16] by tuubaaku

add r15 to this branch

2009-03-03 23:30:00 Tree
[r15] by tuubaaku

bump minor version number for 0.3.1, add Changelog entry

2009-03-03 23:26:12 Tree
[r14] by tuubaaku

copy r9 bugfix to this branch

2009-03-03 01:34:38 Tree
[r13] by tuubaaku

copy r8 bugfix to this branch

2009-03-03 01:31:45 Tree
[r12] by tuubaaku

copy r7 bugfix to this branch

2009-03-03 01:31:03 Tree
[r11] by tuubaaku

copy r6 bugfix to this branch

2009-03-03 01:29:52 Tree
[r10] by tuubaaku

add a little debugging message for Wmf's

2009-03-02 22:49:21 Tree
[r9] by tuubaaku

on an Escher atom record we don't understand, just skip the image completely - fixes a crash for now, but I need to look at this more

2009-03-02 03:23:39 Tree
[r8] by tuubaaku

based on OOo 2.4 code, add fix for an image name coming before the escher stream

2009-02-28 02:51:24 Tree
[r7] by tuubaaku

fix bug in handling larger compressed images

2009-02-26 23:32:44 Tree
[r6] by tuubaaku

organize Blip a bit better, and check to make sure blip is actually compressed before trying to decompress it

2009-02-22 20:46:37 Tree
[r5] by tuubaaku

start some work on 'Drawn objects', which is another way pictures can be put in .doc's

2009-02-21 02:04:52 Tree
[r4] by tuubaaku

tag wv2-0.3.0

2009-02-21 01:59:35 Tree
[r3] by tuubaaku

branch wv2-0.3

2009-02-21 01:57:43 Tree
[r2] by tuubaaku

give the repo a more conventional svn layout

2009-02-21 00:24:00 Tree
[r1] by tuubaaku

Initial import of the 0.3.0 version of CVS files into Subversion (without history). If you need the history of any file, please see the read-only CVS repository.

2009-02-21 00:06:11 Tree

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