UTF8-UCS4-String- & UUS-TreeView-0.3.0 released

UTF8-UCS4-String & UUS-TreeView, version(s) 0.3.0 a.k.a. "just how long is a piece of string anyway", released.

This is a development release, since the code is neither complete nor extensively tested. The UTF8StringTree and UUS* APIs are open to radical rewrites...

This is very much a work-in-progress and the API is likely to change a lot between early releases. UTF8StringTree implements a SAX interface; it's up to the calling program to provide an XML parser (and zlib/iconv support, if necessary). UTF8StringTree builds a tree of UTF8StringTree::Node (or sub-classes) putting attributes and XML Namespace maps into UTF8StringMap instances; there is some support for CSS style maps as well, although this is one area that is certain to change.

UUS-TreeView is a Cocoa framework and application (for MacOSX) that provides a GUI interface for examining a UTF8StringTree structure - very useful for debugging! UUS-TreeView is Objective-C++ but does provide one or two interfaces which are purely Objective-C. These interfaces (ObjC & ObjC++) are very much in flux and should not be used (yet).

The UUS-TreeView application can read any uncompressed XML file in UTF-8 encoding, and will recognize extensions .xml, .svg, .xhtml and .abw. CSS style & AWML props parsing is buggy in the extreme.

NOTE: The Cocoa build adds some NSString extensions to the UTF8String class.

29th September, 2002
Francis James Franklin <fjf@alinameridon.com>

Posted by Francis James Franklin 2002-09-30

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