UTF8-UCS4-String-0.2.0 released

UTF8-UCS4-String Version 0.2.0, a.k.a. "confuse a cat"

The overwhelming lack of feedback to Version 0.1.0 leads me to suspect that the only reason the thousand (or so) people downloaded it was because they thought it was part of wv.

Well, it's not.

In fact, there was a bug in Version 0.1.0 in substring_replace; which is fixed in this version. I think there may still be some bugs, particularly with inserting/setting the UCS-4 value 0, but I'll check these in time.

This version adds editing and comparison features to UTF8String, and adds two new classes: UTF8StringPair (not to be confused with the structure UTF8String::UTF8StringPair) and UTF8StringMap (a type of hash-map).

I am going somewhere with all this, but feel free to suggest improvements if you are using this stuff...

9th August, 2002
Francis James Franklin

Posted by Francis James Franklin 2002-08-09

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