libwmf-0.2.5 released

libwmf-0.2.5 (a.k.a. 'Poly the ex-Parrot')

This is an interim release, largely unintended. libwmf-0.2.3 & 0.2.4 do not exist, so please don't go looking for them. Dr Livingstone tried, and you know what happened to him.

The major change is that libwmf now builds as two libraries:
1. libwmflite - the parser itself
2. libwmf - utility functions, device layers, etc.

Special thanks to Michal Jaegermann for teaching me how to write RPM spec files.

Finally, Bob Friesenhahn has done a lot of work getting ImageMagick to work with libwmf. For best possible rendering of WMF images, I recommend you use ImageMagick rather than the libwmf utilities.

Regards, Frank

15th May, 2002
Francis James Franklin <>

Posted by Francis James Franklin 2002-05-15

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