libwmf-0.2.1 released

In adherence with the ancient philosophy of `It's my birthday and I'll release if I want to,' today, August 22nd 2001, sees the release of libwmf-0.2.1, a.k.a. `The Inspector General's Nose'.

I was, in fact, tempted to call it version 0.3.0, but I've been calling it 0.2.1 for so many preview snapshots that, well, to do otherwise now would seem like a betrayal.

The most significant change is the introduction of redirectable character output streams (i.e., wmfStream) which should facilitate the writing of WMF importers. - Speaking of which, CVS sodipodi now has optional support for importing WMF, requiring libwmf-0.2.1, and an importer for AbiWord is in the

This has, however, necessitated a slight change in the API, and people who use libwmf in conjuction with wv will need to upgrade to wv-0.7.0 or later.

Other significant changes are support for a ghostscript-style fontmap and the beginnings of doxygen-generated documentation (which will grow more complete with future releases).

Otherwise, there has been considerable clean-up, bug-fixes and improvement of both the source and the build system, and some additional functionality, including:
(a) The .fig export uses scaling now, and has options to save images as PNG or JPEG.
(b) The .svg export now supports inline (data URI) images and compression to .svgz (plus sodipodi-specific workarounds).
(c) Use of metafile size info., if any (a mixed blessing).

Thanks also to: Bob Friesenhahn, Michal Jaegermann, Anil Madhavapeddy, Jacqueline Signore, Shuang Wang, Sean Young, and Kees Zeelenberg.

Finally, having just assumed the mantle of maintainership, I would like to take this opportunity once again to thank Martin Vermeer for all of his work on libwmf.

Francis James Franklin

Posted by Francis James Franklin 2001-08-22

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