I'm a complete unix newbie and need to install wvWare on a unix system, I've
managed to follow the Install instructions and everything seems to have run
ok, however I don't think the files went to the right places, so If someone
could confirm where the files should be at the end of a successful install
that would be great thanks.

The directory wv was successfully created in usr/local/share
and it contains a number of xml files and one dtd file

Several binary files were also created however they were created in the wv
install directory and not moved into a usr/local/bin?
Should they be in this directory with the other binary files ?
Is moving them manually ok ?

Finally the man files were not moved either they are still in the help
of the wv install directory not the usr/local/man/man1?
Same questions apply for this section as the previous?

Anyones help on this would be great since the process upto now has been
work I'd like to confirm that everything is where it should be and wvWare
will start working.

Thanks a million
Gillian McCarthy