Messiah, is He Coming? 
                         Are these the days spoken of in the Bible? Is the Messiah about to return?

$8.99 Features:

  • Over 4,000 pages (initially) of modern messianic articles, historical writings and answers to common questions
  • Integrated KJV Bible
  • Full set of indexes and search facilities
  • Gallery of art, photographs and instructional interactive exercises
  • Updatable from the internet (available soon). Content expected to double in size every year.
  • Fully interactive environment that anyone can contribute to (optional) and linked to a Web Forum
  • Unique linking system allowing complex studies to be built up
  • 800 word glossary, with Yiddish dictionary and access to on-line Hebrew dictionary
  • Access to network of messianic web sites, including daily prayers and a weekly parashah

March 2003

Dear Friend,

As we approach the possiblity of war, many of us begin to think of God and His Messiah. This is a special offer for eMessianica CDROM The Ultimate Messianic Source.  This product retails for $49.00, but for a limited time it is being offered for only $8.99 (postage & handling included). It is our desire to make this important source of information about the Coming Messiah, to answer the many questions that we all have during this period of troubling times and to provide hope. This is an exclusive price, of the highest quality. At cost. It is the message that is priceless. 

Special Pricing:  $8.99 (includes postage and handling)


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