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Offer to buy all your customers' used computer equipment & used Mobile Phones

BlueCom Danmark A/S can help to take the used computer equipment and Mobile phones off your hands easily, quickly and for FREE!

Dear Customer,

Do you feel an increasing pressure from your customers to buy back their worn-out equipment? And are you at a loss as to what to do with hundreds of used PCs or/and Mobile phones? Then we have really good news for you. Bluecom Danmark A/S can help you dispose of the used equipment that you purchase from your customers - easily, quickly and IT IS FOR FREE. BlueCom Danmark A/S has established a new policy to enable its clients to offer their customers - the end-users - a complete recycling service.

"Just as car-owners expect to be able to trade up their used car for a new model, so too are computer users beginning to demand the same kind of service from their IT / Mobile Phone dealers to take their IT and Mobile Phones. We think this is a reasonable request, that should be supported", says Jens Fournais, Director at BlueCom Danmark A/S.

Security first
Today, few retailers or producers are able to handle these trade-ins - because they don't know what to do with the used machines. But BlueCom Danmark A/S can assist because it has now formed an alliance with the leading company in this field, who can re-format and refurbish the hard disks and remove all the old data. The software used for the erasure of old data is also used by the largest banks and insurance companies worldwide, and you will also be able to get certificate testifying that all data are erased.

"We have assessed our new partner very closely and can assure you that the security for our customers is optimal. The software programme used by our corporate partner is certified to erace all data including confidential information", promises Jens Fournais. This ensures that every trade-in is 100% security-guaranteed.

"We know that re-formatting hard disks is a complicated procedure - as it takes 2.5 hours to delete all the data from one basic hard disk. But it is definitely better to recycle these machines than to let them lie collecting dust in the corner of an office", says Jens Fournais.

BlueCom Danmark A/S does not deal with the old equipment directly, as the company neither handles the equipment from consumers, or trades in second-hand goods. After you have bought the items from your customers, our corporate partner buys it from you and refurbishes it for resale to Eastern Europe, Africa or the Middle East.

We also offer to buy factory refurbished, discontinued and surplus
Purchasing surplus stock in addition to arranging to buy worn-out equipment, the company is also establishing a further service to purchase your surplus stock that you would like to dispose of.

"We have set up this further service initiative because we would like to become recognized by our customers as their corporate partner, and more than a supplier. Because we are offering to buy up surplus stock that may have been procured in error, and represent a costly overhead, we are reducing our customers' workload and adding value", comments Jens Fournais. So call us today:

For further information, please contact BlueCom Danmark A/S.

Best Regards
BlueCom Danmark A/S

Jens Fournais

Blokken 11-13, DK-3460 Birkeroed, Denmark, Phone: + 45 4594 5555, Fax: + 45 4594 5500

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