Now we have created a new movie - "The Extreme Makover - Forehand"
In this movie you will be able to follow a players development from "old school" technique
to "modern" technique.

After 8 hours of practise with trainingsystem develop by tennistips365.com Josefine, 11 years old, plays like a pro.

"Playing with a good, basic tennis technique is one of the key components if a player is to attain his or her maximum potential.
Once a player has mastered the fundamentals, she or he can consistently produce the most efficient, effective, and successful
strokes while minimizing the risk of injury. These fundamentals can be taught at all ages and levels of play. It all comes down to
the individual's attitude to learning." /Fredrik Lindstrom - Swedish Tennis Coach

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Fredrik Lindstrom
Karlavagen 12
114 30 Stockholm