Music Treasures Co.       Independence Day 

Inflatable Guitar
Blow several of these babies up and have an "Air Guitar Party" to celebrate Independence day.When you are finished and feel foolish they are great props in the music room or incentives for the students. We sell a ton of them for activity events

Velour Bench Cushion
If you sit on one of those hard benches for any time you know why you need a bench cushion! We offer a wide variety of sizes and colors to match any decor. We can also make one exactly to your specifications and can use a special fabric that you may have acquired? Booster cushions are available in the same fabric colors that offer a 2" or 3" high for added comfort or body adjustment for the smaller player. Total bench covers are also available to protect expensive benches in institutional environments or if frequent moves are required of the instrument.

Class Room Poster Set
We offer a wide choice of musically inspired poster sets that are both inspirational, instructive and decorative. Many posters we offer can be seen on movies and television, often used on sets world-wide. So how is that for a motivational tool! Check out our resources and set your stage for music education.
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