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Jazz Metal Wall Sculpture
This is one of many very special pieces produced by the Chavelle Studio. Each piece is hand made for the client and is made from a single sheet of rusted architectural steel to render an unusual patina surface. This piece can be hung indoors or out in your garden area. Visit our Art Gallery of Garden Art to see more of our sculptures in Jazz, Dance and the Arts. There are a variety of sizes and finishes. We also offer custom powder coating in any color you desire. This process produces a smooth glass-like finish and is striking when complementary pieces are grouped together.

Beethoven Sculpture
This is a solid cast 14" bust of a determined Beethoven that will offer a lifetime of pride to its discerning collector. The bust is reproduced in Alvastone, an extremely durable lasting compound which has been developed through years of research to replicate fine details, characteristics and properties. The material is comprised of a refined blend of crushed stone, marble and high-grade plaster that affords it great adaptability and resilience. This bust has a patina of aged stone. Each point of view of this outstanding creation offers the viewer a chilling and inspirational reflection of this amazing man. This sculpture is being offered at way below cost and supply is limited. Consider this a once in a life time buy. The molds have been destroyed and the company in no longer in business.

Kokopelli Sculpture
Accent any home or garden with this intriguing ancient Music Man! A resin cast composite of bronze marble and granite produces this cold cast Verdigris Bronze. A weather resistant sculpture with a magical musical statement for your garden or home. Legend has it that this is a rendition of the first primitive musician that hand crafted this flute and fascinated crowds. Followers would party until dawn and then when the men were asleep he would make off with the towns women! True?? Keep this sculpture outside in your garden just to make sure!
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