In untrained or unrestrained hands, a thesaurus can be dangerous. The Elegant VariationA Literary Weblog.
This slim, witty memoir follows Bouillier through the party from hell, and is a case study in Gallic self-abasement. "The accumulation of all its episodes and horrors produces mental overload and an unreal effect," he wrote.
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The Elegant Variation: GUEST REVIEW: THINGS KEPT, THINGS LEFT BEHINDThe Elegant VariationA Literary Weblog.
The Elegant VariationA Literary Weblog.
Defy the conventional wisdom that short story collections don't sell and treat yourself to this marvel.
Born in 1941 three weeks after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Tomlinson grew up in a small Illinois town and now lives in rural Kentucky.
I like to take my time.
"I wanted to write about the human impact of obscure politics on people's lives.
For these reasons, one may rejoice in Jim Tomlinson's debut short-story collection, Things Kept, Things Left Behind, for which Tomlinson won the prestigious Iowa Short Fiction Award.
Remembering his first, fatal love, Morden works to reconcile himself to his loss. The Believer Book of Writers Talking to Writers by Vendela Vida No, your eyes aren't deceiving you and yes, we are recommending a Believer product.