Music Treasures Co.         St. Patricks Day 

Hurdy Gurdy Music Box
This is a great inexpensive music gift that is perfect when the budget is tight and the numbers are large! This incredible little Hurdy Gurdy is like what you saw at the circus with the old man and his monkey..turning the crank, making music with his organ grinder and collecting coins from the crowd! Our series offers a collection of thirty nine popular tunes all embossed on this little music box drum. The value is incredible and is guaranteed to bring a smile on everyone's face!

Celestial Zodiac Gong
What's your Zodiac sign? Whatever it is we can reproduce it on the face of this gong and make your gift a real smash! This is a perfect birthday gift for a musician and is custom made by Sabian, a leader in percussion instruments.

Zydeco Tie
Now tell me a glass of green beer and this handsome Zydeco tie will not draw attention?  With a little practice and a few beers this washboard shaped stainless steel necktie  will certainly make you welcome at any party. Play it like a wash board with the two metal timbales included, stomp your feet and sing a tune. You sir, are the party!
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