No text just questions marks (?????????)

  • Anonymous - 2003-02-04


    I'm having a few problems getting wvware to work.

    It doesn't seem to make any difference what format I convert to (html or ps) i get a few odd words but mainly ????? in place of words.

    eg for the example title.doc i get:

    ?????? heading1 ??????

    Any ideas?


    • Francis James Franklin

      This is often symptomatic of a broken iconv implementation. What OS are you using? What version of wv? What version of GNU libiconv are you using (if you're using GNU libiconv, that is...)?

    • Anonymous - 2003-02-05


      I must have been using an old libiconv that was lying around.

      make clean and a recompile with the latest libiconv did the trick.

      Thanks for your help Francis.


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