wvText is not working

  • fimi

    fimi - 2005-06-02

    Hi, when i execute the command from a PHP file of the wvText tool it does not generate anything, it says : Could not find required program 'wvHtml' .

    The command is as follows: exec("/usr/local/bin/wvText /var/www/html/parser/$name.doc /var/www/html/parser/$name.txt");

    The confusing thing is that wvWare works with that exec command and it can generate the files where i want them to.

    references: exec at http://www.php.net/exec

    Please someone help.

    • Francis James Franklin

      wvText is a shell script and it's trying to call wvHtml, which is another shell script, which in turn is calling wvWare, which isn't a shell script and doesn't call anything.

      I'm guessing /usr/local/bin isn't in the path (i.e., the search path executables) for PHP's exec(), so either you should add it to the path or edit the wvText and wvHtml shell scripts to use absolute paths to wvHtml and wvWare respectively.


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