Where is WVWARE installed?

  • Shashank Tripathi

    There is no documentation on the site at all! I've configured and installed on a Red Hat box, without any errors, but now where do I find WV? Its not in /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin etc. Appreciate any pointers, thanks.

    • Francis James Franklin

      There's no WV application, exactly. There's a wvWare application and a number of scripts like wvHtml, wvText,... These should be installed in /usr/local or wherever you specified during configuration.

    • Shashank Tripathi

      Thanks for replying. Yes I checked /usr/local and /usr/local/bin, but I don't see any application beginning with "wv..."! Any other ideas? I am on a regular Red Hat Enterprise 4 server. Many thanks.

      • Francis James Franklin

        Which version exactly did you install?

        • Shashank Tripathi

          Come on, of course whatever is linked through the "Download" section of this site. That would be wv2-0.0.8 I think. How does that matter -- older versions were differently installed?

          • Francis James Franklin

            You probably want to download and install wv-1.2.0 (which is actually newer than wv2-0.2.2). These are actually separate projects, although with the same ultimate goal; wv is maintained as part of the AbiWord project. (I don't know much about wv2.)

    • bennose

      bennose - 2006-07-09

      you may have a good product but god it's hard
      to get to use it.
      Why not use the english language a bit better
      wv and wv2 are 2 different projects. Version numbers out of whack.
      pulling my hair our to just evaluate wv as a word generation program. Even Abiword won't completely install becuase it cant find the cross platform spell checker (I don't care about spell checking)


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