ginger she - 2002-05-31

Hello, I just installed wv with libwmf, zlib, libpng and libiconv. Except for libwmf, the rest of them are installed in local directories. I configured wv-0.7.2 with all the dirs given. Everything seems fine until I tried to run wvText. It complains it can not convert to Html. Then I come back to try wvHtml. Here is the complaint: /local/hd4/globsurv/METHODS/wd2tx/wv-0.7.2/bin/wvWare: fatal: ope
n failed: No such file or directory
But I do have the file and my dir for libpng directly points to the dir right above that file. What is going on here. I really need it to be done ASAP. Thank you for any hint.