andreas kempf - 2002-07-18


If I try to execute wvText via PHP's shell_exec() I get the message "Could not find required program 'wvHtml' "

If I try shell_exec() with wvHtml it works perfectly.
Both variants working perfectly in the shell.

This are the commands I'm using:

/home/usr/bin/wvText /home/www/html-data/develop/files/test.doc /home/www/html-data/develop/files/output.txt
(working from the shell but not from PHP)

/home/usr/bin/wvHtml --targetdir=/home/www/html-data/develop/files/ /home/www/html-data/develop/files/test.doc output.txt
(working from the shell and PHP)

What can I do? Any hints are welcome! :)

ciao, amalesh