Anonymous - 2001-01-30


I got tired of dealing with .DOC attachments in
my email, so I threw together this little script
which lets me just click on the attachment and,
POOF!, the doc is converted and opened in at
netscape window.

For your enjoyment.




1. In Netscape, go to:


Create a new entry, with the following entries:
- Description: MS Word Doc
- MIME: application/msword
- Suffices: doc
- Application: /usr/local/bin/do-wvHtml

2. Put this script in /usr/local/bin/do-wvHtml

#! /bin/sh

# KSA, July 20/00,
# A little script to allow click-convert of msword docs

# $1 is the full path to the temporary file (%s)
# redirects STDERR to /dev/null; remove everything after the ">"
# if you WANT to see errors/warnings from do-wvHtml

/usr/bin/wvHtml $1 $1.html > /dev/null 2>&1 &

# refresh an open netscape window with tempfile
/usr/bin/X11/netscape -remote openURL\($1.html\)