The <STYLE NAME="xx"> tag

  • Anonymous - 2000-11-10


    I have used wv with success. Renders text and HTML very well - nice !! Have one problem though: I would like to insert different elements into genereted HTML or Text documents depending on the occurance of styles in the document.

    F ex: When "Normal" paragraph is encountered I want to insert code. When "Heading 1" is encountered I want to insert some proprietory start/stop tags.

    I have tried to add one <STYLE Name="xx"> in the different *.xml files, one for each style I want to handle. It seems that only one tag is in use, and that the last STYLE NAME="xx" tag entered in the *.xml file is used for ALL paragraphs in the document.

    Have I misunderstood this tag, or is it not fully implemented?

    Best regards

    Petter Enholm

    • Dom Lachowicz

      Dom Lachowicz - 2000-11-10

      Sorry , this tag currently isn't implemented fully yet. Hopefully some spare time will pop up and I'll be able to get this working for you.

      Thanks and enjoy using wv,

      • Gary Gray

        Gary Gray - 2000-11-15

        Would this be the way to turn Word headings into HTML (or other markups) heading formats? Right now, it seems that the headings are just formatted as plain text.

        Overall, I'm very impressed... I'm looking at using wv to translate Word docs into my company's own markup format. Lack of tools is killing us now. Being able to author in Word and translate into our own formats would dramatically increase our efficiency.


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