merge with rtf2latex2e ?

  • Matti Picus

    Matti Picus - 2001-06-07

    Has any thought been given to combining these two projects? Both are sourceforge projects. The rtf2latex2e converter does quite well with equations


    • Francis James Franklin

      I haven't used it so I can't speak for its document conversion
      ability, but its image conversion under *NIX uses ImageMagick so wmf conversion is done via libwmf (i.e., back to wvWare)...

      No doubt there are ideas we could use, but rtf2latex2e is released under the GPL and wvWare is under the LGPL so source-level sharing (as opposed to concept-level) is not straighforward.

      Some KOffice and AbiWord developers are currently planning to rewrite wv from scratch anyway.



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