Hi everybody.

I found wv crashing reason. But cant fix it myselt.

1. Have doc file with one strange table
2. [table.c LINE:122] wvGetFullTableInit()  gives incorrect  num of rows to wvSetTableInfo().

3. When mydata->whichrow incrementing exceeds
    wrong limits(numrows) we getting access violation (on win2k :-)) at [wvConfig.c LINE:621] exstartElement()
{...    wvTrace (("%d\n",(*mydata->vmerges)[mydata->whichrow][mydata->whichcell]));

  I cant locate source of error  :-(
(seems its somewhere deeper in wvAssembleSimplePAP...)

Who wrote table recognition or pap?
Write me to vladimir@lukianov.name
I can send cutted sample file.