Recently I released a project of mine on SourceForge (http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/adms), it's a webbased Document Management System to which people can add documents. People like to add Word documents to it, while the system preferes HTML for it being webbased. So the system can convert these documents easily to HTML by using (you had already guessed it): wvHtml. Now the system calls the wvHtml utility with its arguments and simply calls it in the form of "wvHtml <input file> <output file>", but now wvHtml starts mourning about using the --targetdir option when the input file and output file are not in the same directory. To solve this problem I made a very small hack to the wvHtml script (version 0.7.2). I replaced the following four lines

if test "x$o_file" != "x$name"; then
  echo "* * * Better to use '--targetdir' for writing in another directory * * *"
  exit 1

with this:

if test "x$o_file" != "x$name"; then
  t_dir=`dirname "$o_file"`

This works fine now. Now I would like to ask, could you include this little hack in future version of wvHtml or did you have some other reason why you specifically did not use it?


Arend jr.