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Got the same bug in here, reproduceable with 072/026 and
current cvs.

Backtrace is:

#0 0x400c2859 in WmfPlayMetaFile (API=0x80f9648) at
#1 0x400c1cb5 in wmf_scan (API=0x80f9648, flags=0,
d_r=0xbfffbea0) at player.c:142
#2 0x804b722 in wvConvert_WMF_to_PNG (width=146,
height=146, source=0xbfffbf44) at ./wvWare.c:799
#3 0x804c201 in wvPrintGraphics (config=0xbffff9f6
"/usr/share/wv/wvHtml.xml", graphicstype=1, width=146,
height=146, source=0x80fb6f8 "test2.wmf") at ./wvWare.c:1201
#4 0x804c54e in mySpecCharProc (ps=0xbfffd1f0, eachchar=1,
achp=0xbfffc63c) at ./wvWare.c:1292
#5 0x805352b in wvOutputTextChar (eachchar=1, chartype=1
'\001', ps=0xbfffd1f0, achp=0xbfffc63c) at ./text.c:133
#6 0x809a5bf in wvDecodeSimple (ps=0xbfffd1f0,
whichdoc=Dmain) at ./decode_simple.c:481
#7 0x8057b5b in wvHtml (ps=0xbfffd1f0) at
#8 0x804afa3 in main (argc=8, argv=0xbffff884) at
#9 0x40404c5f in __libc_start_main () from /lib/libc.so.6