#4 autoconf problems


I've just built wv-0.6.0 and ran into some snags with the configure process. Just though you'd like to know what happened and how it was fixed by modifying configure.in

I compiled freetype-1.3.1, libwmf-0.1.18 and wv-0.6.0 all from source on Redhat 6.1. I already had Xpm, png, etc.

The first snag is with libttf. By default freetype installed headers in /usr/local/include/freetype, but configure only looks in /usr/local/include. (This was a problem with libwmf too...)

Second, the check for libgdwmf function gd_draw_rectangle failed. The test prog linked with many unresolved symbols. This can be fixed by listing the libraries in a different order.

Once I made those 2 changes, everything compiled as it should. The patch that I uploaded to the patch manager shows my changes. They worked for me, but you may want to tweak some stuff to look for freetype in both places.


  • Dom Lachowicz

    Dom Lachowicz - 2000-09-26
    • assigned_to: nobody --> cinamod
  • Dom Lachowicz

    Dom Lachowicz - 2000-09-27
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Dom Lachowicz

    Dom Lachowicz - 2000-09-27

    Fixed by the accompanied patch.


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