jcd - 2006-12-12

Hello michael,

After working with Yale, posting on its forum, I realized that there was a special forum for wvtool...

Thanks for the "french stopwords", it works fine and I am using it every time now. Are you going to integrate it on the next version ? Unfortunately, about the little tools you wrote as extras, only the token checker is currently working fine. I do not even know the role of the first tool :-/ : Which purpose was it designed for ? Have you screenshots of it ?

I had an idea : would it be interesting to write a tool which would read :
- first a style sheet
- then a series of HTML pages all displayed with this style sheet
- then the tool would extract the datas (type="string") in a table with the attributes corresponding to the style sheet, and chosen by the user

This tool thus would be the fourth "text menu" tool in Yale, isn't it ?

Best regards,