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Uploaded new Windows WUU 1.8.595

The first one had a defective .dll, rebuilt and republished.

Posted by Lars Erik Jordet 2008-10-06

No .dmg release of later 1.6 version

My Macbook got stolen, so I'm unable to create .dmgs until I get a new one - which depends on how fast the insurance money comes in :P (and I want to make them myself, as that's the only way I can be 100% certain what they contain)

In the mean time, 1.6.488 should auto-update itself to the newer versions with no problems!

Posted by Lars Erik Jordet 2008-01-19

1.6 nearly done!

1.6 release candidate 4 is released on SF!

This is (hopefully) the last of the 1.5 beta line - in which case it'll be turned into 1.6 stable :)

Beta releases are normally only posted on - this project's home page.

Posted by Lars Erik Jordet 2007-10-10

Impostor on US WoW Forums


Thread in question:

Also, please report it to the admins if you're playing on the US servers - I don't like people posing as being me :(

Posted by Lars Erik Jordet 2007-06-08

All false positives fixed

F-Secure and Kaspersky was fixed on the 2007-05-25 update, AVG on the 2007-05-27 update :)

Posted by Lars Erik Jordet 2007-05-28

WUU and AVG Antivir (false positive)

F-Secure and Kaspersky no longer consider WUU "infected", but suddenly AVG does - a sample WUU.exe is submitted to Grisoft, awaiting response.

Posted by Lars Erik Jordet 2007-05-27

WUU and F-Secure/Kaspersky (false positive)

Some users have reported that 1.4.311 and 1.4.314 contained a trojan ( - this was a FALSE POSITIVE, and as of the update to Kaspersky/F-Secure today (2007-05-25), WUU is no longer detected as infected.

Posted by Lars Erik Jordet 2007-05-25

1.4 stable

The result of the 2-month 1.3 beta cycle is ready: 1.4.300 was released 2007-05-14!

( support removed as requested by the admins there (WUU is blocked anyway, so earlier versions won't work). WUU will automatically tag UIWoW addons back to [Unknown].)

Major features:
# Changed how the UI queues version checks/addon upgrades to be more stable - should make updating on OSX/Linux a more pleasant experience
# Feature: OtherSites addon type, where the regexps can be customized to "any" site. See the WUUki for details
# Support added for WoWAce addons with updated libraries (decimal version numbers, and related changelogs)
# Main addon list now supports "type-ahead search"
# Changed functionality to allow a new addon to be added via the Addon menu, it inserts a dummy entry which can then be edited and updated as normal.
# Added [Dummy] setting - marks an addon that won't be extracted (for example, if you don't want all the sub-addons for Bongos) See the WUUki for details.
# "Install from URL" added to the UI (only supports Curse and WoWAce for now)
# Handles !!!StandaloneLibraries, all its included Addons are installed now

Posted by Lars Erik Jordet 2007-05-15

Updates of WUU versions on SourceForge

Since I have good hosting for the project on my web space, most of the intermediate/beta releases will only be released there - all "stable" versions will be released here at SF, though.

Posted by Lars Erik Jordet 2007-03-27

WUU is now open source!

I've released quite a few binary versions of WUU, but now it's time to let everyone else laugh at my source code!

Posted by Lars Erik Jordet 2006-11-08

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