Hello Artur,
I am trying to put all the pieces into one. It would be great if you could give one complete user scenario as to how wttools will help the end user in testing his product. This will kinda complete the picture.....
From the SNMP client perspective there is no UserName and UserPassword associated. Here, we come across "CommunityStrings". They are Read and Write community strings. Every SNMP Get/Set which is a UDP Packet which goes from client(Management station) to the server(Agent) should contain appropriate community string as one of the parameters. With respect to Trivial File Transfer Protocol(TFTP) too the UserName and UserPassword is also redundant. With this in mind, I suggest methods like "getUserName", "setUserName", "setPassword", "getPassword" be removed from ProtocolIfc and moved to specific Protocol Implementations. Let me know your thoughts on this?
Artur, can we build privately once before committing any changes onto the CVS. How to build and run on the client? If u have any useful pointers for this..Please let me know.