msg reflection trouble

  • Vadim

    Vadim - 2006-06-11

    i'm not sure whether this wasnt posted earlier, but anyway. i was trying to create owner drawn control from code ( as opposite to creation from resource) and use message reflection for that control, but it reflections didn't work. In LRESULT CWindowImplRoot< TBase >::ReflectNotifications(UINT uMsg, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam, BOOL& bHandled) there was a line if(wParam)    // not from a menu which is incorrent for controls created by hand. so, i changed it to if(lParam && ((LPDRAWITEMSTRUCT)lParam)->CtlType != ODT_MENU)    // not from a menu. Is there any better solution for this problem? cause i dont really want to change wtl sources...

    • Igor Tandetnik

      Igor Tandetnik - 2006-06-11

      When creating your control, give it a unique non-zero ID, then ReflectNotifications would work as originally written.


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