simon_sbs_uk - 2006-06-27

I am trying to skin my WTL application with commercial skinning software. I have tested it on a Win32 application and an MFC application without any problems, but it is not working correctly with my WTL application. I am using 7.1 currently.

The problem is the main menu in the main frame window does not span from the left side to the right side of the window like a standard win32 window. Its width apears to be fixed to the sum of the menu utems displayed. This is normally not visible over the background.

I am not using the re-bar as this spoils the effect and doesn't change the menu size even if I modify it. I have tried creating the menu by passing a greater width in the rect but without any success. I would be very grateful if any one knows how to make the menu span the frame window or whether it is CCommandBarCtrl or CFrameWindowImpl which is responsible for fixing its width. Is there a way I can bypass this feature.