Port ATL Control to WTL Control

  • kite

    kite - 2007-02-08


    I'm a newbie for c++ and WTL, I need a file explorer in my project.
    I find out some from codeproject.com and other web site, only one can meet
    my functional requirements. But it's a ATL control, I must use it as dll.

    I want to port it to WTL control and include it in my source, BUT I don't know
    how to do?

    Would you help me port it or give me some advices?

    This ATL control is hosting on : http://www.codeproject.com/atl/shellfoldertree.asp.

    Thank millions.

    • Drazen

      Drazen - 2007-02-08

      WTL is just windows extension for ATL.
      To use it just include WTL headers and go forward.

      In ATL are only implementation for dialog (CDialogImpl) but in WTL you have classes for all windows control (eg CButton). Consider WTL as MFC. I did not looked at proposed tree control but why to switch to WTL if you already have working code?

    • kite

      kite - 2007-02-08


      Reasons are :
         1. I'm using WTL to develop a GUI application
         2. Other controls are WTL control, for example, tab framework,
            docking framework, syntax editor etc.
         3. This application is only one .exe file, no any dll dependent. It's green.

      Very thanks.


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