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Wterm upstream development has been inactive from the end of 2001 through most of 2005. Many bugs have been found through this period. An array of patches have been made available. Bugs and patches have been addressed through a variety of Linux distributions, BSD Ports, and stand-alone patches available for users of commercial Unix systems.

If you use Wterm or maintain a distribution based package, your help would be very much appreciated. Please identify any bugs your distribution has addressed and add the appropriate patch to the Bug Tracker. If you are able to provide a patch, please submit it as a diff against the current release version (6.2.9). Testing the patch with the current release version would be most helpful as well.

With help from the entire community, we can package a new upstream release from which we can all benefit.

Before submitting a bug:

  • Please check the existing bug reports and insure you are not providing a duplicate.
  • Please provide the exact steps required to reproduce the bug.

Your help maintaining the Wterm package is greatly appreciated!

Please pardon the inconvenience of having to log in before submitting bug reports. This allows for easier diagnosis and follow up if needed.

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