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WS Arena 0.6 Released

Version 0.6 Release, bug fixes, server enhancements, admin property editor GUI improvements.
Feedback on testing/usage is appreciated:)

Posted by ConceptExplorer 2007-08-03

User Feedback

Looking for feedback from anyone that has downloaded and used WS Arena. All comments are appreciated.

Posted by ConceptExplorer 2007-07-13

New WS Arena Version 0.5 has been released

New WS Arena Version 0.5 has been released.
WS Arena is a XMPP platform that allows sets of applications to multiplex streaming messages of any content type. It allows groups of applications to work together more efficiently as it acts as an interconnect.

Messaging can be accomplished asynchronously cross networks in real time. Supported transport modes include WS-to-WS, WS-to-XMPP, and XMPP-to-XMPP.... read more

Posted by ConceptExplorer 2007-05-16

Admin and Client GUIs

An admin GUI is currently be developed to allow for easier setup, configuration, monitoring, and administration of WS Arena servers.

A client admin GUI is being developed concurrently.

Posted by ConceptExplorer 2007-05-06

WS Arena v 0.4 Released

Added support for mapping web services to Arenas and to members for reply.
Only Arena owners can initiate separate continuous exchange sequence in separate threads when a
member does also supply a web service URL for reply to be sent.
This release requires testing, however it does now tentatively contain the capability to actually act as a web services exchange point.

Posted by ConceptExplorer 2007-05-01

WS Arena v0.3 Alpha Released

Added support to allow clients to join, leave, and list Arenas for which they have been listed as members with permissions.
Next phase of development will focus providing options to map Arenas to web services through abstract layers and XMPP transports such that endpoints may be hidden at network level. We will only be exploring asynchronous modes at this time.

Posted by ConceptExplorer 2007-04-19

WS Arena v0.2 Pre-Alpha Released

Second release of WS Arena in its early stages. Working proto.

Posted by ConceptExplorer 2007-03-23

WS Arena Communications

WS Arena team has decided to go with XMPP for client/server messaging. Stream content requirements have not been completed but may be, to a major extent, left to client configuration and customization.

Posted by ConceptExplorer 2007-02-18

WS Arena Publisher Options Matrix Posted

WS Arena is an Open Source integration, communications, and interface brokering platform for extensible web service point of presence interconnects. WS Arena is in the planning and design phase of development. The best stage for new developers to join a project.

A simple analogy that helps describe what WS Arena hopes to achieve beyond what existing ESB, EAI, SOA, ORB, and application server frameworks do deliver can be drawn from the difference between email and chat. In this analogy, email would represent the aforementioned existing integration, execution, and architectural models while WS Arena would represent chat. Continuing this analogy, WS Arena will deliver, in terms of web service performance and efficiency what chat delivers over and above email, that being a more robust immediate conversation between the parties involved. However, with WS Arena the conversation would involve web service transactions instead of text messages and would involve both enterprise to enterprise and enterprise to simple client scenarios.... read more

Posted by ConceptExplorer 2007-02-15

WS Arena home site is up

Project website for WS Arena up and running:

Posted by ConceptExplorer 2007-02-12

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