Commit Date  
[r256] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] minor update for local location

2013-10-13 11:01:14 Tree
[r255] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] remove useless location to parse

2013-10-10 04:28:32 Tree
[r254] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] improve parameter and return types retrievement

2013-09-27 04:03:43 Tree
[r253] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] minor updates

2013-09-17 21:29:14 Tree
[r252] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] code review and enhancements

Override WsdlToPhpModel::getOwner() method in inherited classes when it makes sense so the caller knows the exact return type

Enhanced attribute type definition by avoiding that the attribute type is the type of the class it belongs to

2013-09-17 20:24:51 Tree
[r251] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] improvements

Use isset() function to determine if __default_soap_headers and _stream_context are already defined instead of using @ when getting the the SoapClient properties

2013-09-12 19:48:04 Tree
[r250] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] improvements
use array_push instead of []=
fix multiple element declaration with different structure

2013-09-06 17:20:45 Tree
[r249] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] ease cases for returned or sent array values

2013-09-06 17:19:51 Tree
[r248] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] minor update to fix convertStringHeadersToArray() method

2013-08-13 21:23:32 Tree
[r247] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] minor update to improve __set_state

2013-08-01 20:02:33 Tree
[r246] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] minor generated setter improvement

When a struct contains properties with invalid names (such as "my-property"), the setter is named setMy_property but the property which is set is $this->{'my-property'} so when the object is sent to the SoapClient, this is the right value that is used. When we use var_export, then the property is exported as "my-property" but the __set_state() method, called in the WsdlClass when loading the exported object, only considers valid attribute names to call the setter. To fix this issue, we then also set the valid attribute name $this->my_property in the setMy_property() method, the setter. So the setter method, setMy_property() is called accordingly to the attribute name when the __set_state() method is called and everything goes well!

2013-07-31 22:17:57 Tree
[r245] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] global php doc harmonisation and minor improvement

2013-07-12 17:50:30 Tree
[r244] by mikaelcom

[UPDATES] identical operation parameters type naming fix

As the methods, representing the operations, had their parameters named as their type when the parameter type was an existing known class, it generated errors as we had multiple parameters with the same name (ex: login(StructString $_structString,StructString $_structString), which is conflictual). This was used to generate the sample file easily. This issue was fixed by naming the parameters with their real name (when there is multiple parameters) and by reviewing the sample file generation.

2013-07-10 22:09:42 Tree
[r243] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] minor php doc updates

2013-07-08 20:49:49 Tree
[r242] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] adding several methods to manipulate headers

Adding methods to get Soap headers (getLastRequestHeaders and getLastResponseHeaders) in order to get headers even as string or an associative array.

Adding a method to ease the setting of HTTP Headers (setHttpHeader) in the Soap object stream context

2013-07-06 09:29:00 Tree
[r241] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] minor updates

Minor update to avoid PHP warning about empty XML content when calling the method on a DOMDocument property type

Php doc block comment update

2013-06-26 16:26:25 Tree
[r240] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] minor updates still for SoapHeader

2013-06-22 08:10:08 Tree
[r239] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] SoapHeader improvements

After one case that breaks, we discover one little bug when catching data for SoapHeaders from schemas. Indeed, the namespace was wrong and the name of the parameter too. We made sure data are retrieved from the right WSDL attributes and that each SoapHeader is well defined in the Service class.

Put setSoapHeader method in the *WsdlClass so each Service class can call it which simplifies its definition

2013-06-21 23:15:19 Tree
[r238] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] updates initiated by the pull request

2013-05-23 11:51:47 Tree
[r237] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] minor fix and improvements

Fix generic WsdlClass::__set_state() method in order to instantiate dynamically the object without any parameters.

Improve "from schema" meta storage by providing the constant WsdlToPhpModel::META_FROM_SCHEMA and two methods WsdlToPhpModel::setFromSchema() and WsdlToPhpModel::getFromSchema(). These two methods are then used within WsdlToPhpGenerator methods to store this information.

2013-05-14 22:05:30 Tree
[r236] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] minor updates: date format and php doc block

2013-05-07 17:22:45 Tree
[r235] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] adding __set_state() method and enhancements

Add generic WsdlClass::__set_state() method in order to allow var_export() result to be used. This method is also added to each generated Struct class.

Ensure that PHP reserved methods are not overridden in WsdlToPhpModel

2013-04-23 21:14:27 Tree
[r234] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] improve element's PHP doc catching

2013-04-19 16:18:24 Tree
[r233] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] minor generated setters PHP doc fix

2013-04-18 20:23:50 Tree
[r232] by mikaelcom

[UPDATE] minor bug fix

2013-04-11 19:06:08 Tree
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