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BitTorrent Blog Client - Azureus Blogging Plugin

Well, here's something that I'm sure you'll like.

Announcing AzBlog 1.0, the MetaWeblog-compatible plugin for the popular Java cross-platform and multilingual Azureus BitTorrent client.

MetaWeblog API compatible
Easy, right-click publishing of any BitTorrent download to your blog
Optional automatic publishing of .torrent files
Produces final or draft posts

Posted by Thomas Winningham 2004-11-17

RSS 2.0 feeds for Azureus

Generate a feed of all your torrents, and then have your friends subscribe and automatically help with the swarm!

Posted by Thomas Winningham 2004-11-13

xml2xlobby: syndicated media front end now possible

Xlobby is a media front end for Home Theater PCS (HTPC) for Microsoft Windows. This software (and example skin) allow you to script an interface for any syndicated media on the internet. Take a look! Find out more at http://writtorrent.sf.net/ ...

Posted by Thomas Winningham 2004-09-18

torrent2blog: blog torrents using metaWeblog (XML-RPC) from

I would like to announce the availability of torrent2blog.exe. This utility posts details about, and the link for, any .torrent file directly on your blog. This command line application will parse a .torrent file for details and then submit a blog post via the metaWeblog API (XML-RPC, Moveable Type, Radio, Conversant, & others).

(win32) type my.torrent | torrent2blog http://location.to/my.torrent
(linux) cat my.torrent mono | torrent2blog.exe http://location.to/my.torrent... read more

Posted by Thomas Winningham 2004-08-03

100 downloads of WritTorrent

Thank you all for your continuing support! We've had 100 downloads from this project's efforts:

Download counts:

TorrentBlogger 0.1 - 12

TorrentChanger 0.1 - 30

TorrentChanger 0.5b - 26

Torrent .NET Class 0.1 - 8

Torrent .NET Class 0.5b - 22

Trackeradd 0.1 - 2

Some notes about these utilities:

I am continuing work on these items. TorrentBlogger will be updated and have tools for better blogging of torrents and details in scripts to Moveable Type, and other blog platforms that support XML-RPC ...... read more

Posted by Thomas Winningham 2004-07-16

TrackerAdd & TorrentBlogger RELEASE!

I have just released two new utilities for the console which will run on Microsoft's .Net or (more than likely, please let me know) the Mono project.

TrackerAdd < tracker url >

This utility will accept a torrent from standard input and will add the new tracker specified on the command line to the announce-list of the torrent, and will make the existing tracker the backup tracker for the torrent. This is the initial release.... read more

Posted by Thomas Winningham 2004-06-22

TorrentChanger and TorrentClass 0.5 Beta Release!

This little blurb is to annouce the availability of TorrentChanger and TorrentClass 0.5 beta! New with this release is a more rigid and fail-safe parsing routine (can you believe I actually read the standards wiki?) ... and allows for all the BitTorrent hackers out there to effectively manipulate torrent files with Visual Basic .NET... TorrentChanger allows you to quickly and easily change a torrent file's tracker from the command line in your scripts!

Posted by Thomas Winningham 2004-05-15


Available now in the CVS tree... Class.Torrent.VB

Example code:

dim PipedTorrent as new TorrentDictionary

How cool is that? Thanks for all of the downloads! Stats have been screwed up on SF, but seems like there has been at least 24 downloads! Stay tuned, and anyone using this class is very welcomed to post their tricks and hacks to the forums or email me!... read more

Posted by Thomas Winningham 2004-05-12

TorrentChanger 0.01 Released

See the release notes! This is a command line utility for changing the tracker in a .torrent file. For more info about our project, visit our homepage: http://writtorrent.sf.net

Posted by Thomas Winningham 2004-04-11

Call for help!

Project is just getting started. For more information, visit http://writtorrent.sourceforge.net

Posted by Thomas Winningham 2004-04-07

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