• agas

    agas - 2005-10-06

    I am currious about projected release dates for Chalice/ the writing IDE's. I myself am a ficiton writer (nonpublished, i just write fr fun), and am very interested in your project

    • John R. Sheets

      John R. Sheets - 2005-10-06

      The project has gone through some restructuring and refocusing, and as a result the old Chalice project (which never quite got to the point of coding) is gone.  The main effort now is PerEmber, which will be written in Java for the cross-platform support, and also in Mac OS X Cocoa for quick prototyping and richer Mac integration.  There's also NeoEmber, a more lightweight editor.  See the home page for better descriptions.

      Are you primarily a user, or do you have interest in helping with the development or design?  What OS do you run on?  Currently I have no release dates, but an interested user base would help solidify those plans.


    • agas

      agas - 2005-10-07

      I am primarily a user. I run on Microsoft Windows XP Profesional.
      PerEmber seems like the new version of Chalice anyway.

      I am constantly monitering the websites, so you could consider me one prospective user.


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