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Wreport software suite

Welcome to the wreport project on SourceForge. This is an umbrella project for distributing and supporting the wreport library and the applications that have been written for it by ARPA Emilia Romagna.

Here you can find:

  • wreport: a featureful C++ library for BUFR and CREX encoding and decoding
  • DB-all.e: high-level tools to work with point-based meteorological data, based on its physical interpretation. It can convert between report templates, manipulate data from C++, Fortran and Python using a database and navigate the database with a graphical interface.
  • bufr2netcdf: a conversion tool from BUFR to the NetCDF representation used by the COSMO NWP model.

The software is regularly used by Hydrometeorological service of ARPA Emilia Romagna for managing, processing and converting many kinds of point-based meteorological data; the main fields of application are: generation of operational products, climatological data analysis, data quality control, NWP verification and data assimilation.

For more information, see the [Overview] page.


The wreport software suite uses GNU autotools for dependency detection and compiling, so the build process is well documented on the net and is not described here, however in the [MinimalBuild] page you can find instructions on how to build with a reduced set of dependencies.


Sorry, we have no online documentation. The documentation (Doxygen, manpages, latex/html pages) is built automatically when building the software.

For COSMO users

For more specific information about the use of the software with the COSMO model, see the [TemplateConversion] and [CosmoNetcdfConversion] pages.

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Home: CosmoNetcdfConversion
Home: MinimalBuild
Home: Overview
Home: TemplateConversion

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