I can't configure Wrapper

pepe milks
  • pepe milks

    pepe milks - 2009-09-08

    First, sorry for my bad english!
    Time to tell my problem:

    I have an aplication in java, and i have my file: prova.jar
    I want create a Windows Service with my file. And control that (start and stop) from cmd.exe

    I'm 2 weeks trying to configure the wrapper but is impossible. If some one knows one guide that isn't the oficial web, i'll be very happy!

    Thanks for all!

    • Christian Mueller

      Hi pepe,

      we are currently reviewing the wrapper site and trying to improve it.

      What kind of problems are you facing?
      Could you post your conf file, so I can have a look at it and tell you if I can find anything?

      nos vemos,

      • Leif Mortenson

        Leif Mortenson - 2009-09-09

        Please let know what your existing Java command line is.  From that, is is fairly simple to create a wrapper.conf file which will have you up and running.



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