#26 --timestamping date month incorrect

Michael Law

I started using this today and it looks like a better windows solution than other FTP CLI tools.

The only issue I have is withthe timestamping flag. It seem that when it is working out the timestamp it uses the month array value than month + 1 to get the correct month value. For example, I have a remote file whos MDTM comes back as 20111111115441, this is then calculated thorugh the app as epoch 1323604481 which equates to Sun Dec 11 11:54:41 2011. This is obviously wrong and should equate to epoch 1321012461 which is Sun Nov 11 11:54:41 2011.

I was wondering if there is a fix or workaround for this? Please see my log below:

//------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ LOG FILE

Added file `Test\Path\' to queue.
Added URL `ftp://XXX:XXX@XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX/' to queue.
processing queue:
File: `Test\Path\'
PRE_GUESS: local_file: Test\Path\ remote_path: remote_file: (0)
tmpbuf: Test\Path (has a backslash?)
Dir entry name: .
Dir entry name: ..
Dir entry name: Views
tmpbuf: Test\Path\Views (has a backslash?)
Dir entry name: .
Dir entry name: ..
Dir entry name: Home
tmpbuf: Test\Path\Views\Home (has a backslash?)
Dir entry name: .
Dir entry name: ..
Dir entry name: Index.aspx
fname: Test\Path\Views\Home\Index.aspx (url: ftp://XXX:XXX@XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX/)
directory added successful
fsession free()d
ignoring unbuild fsession
PRE_GUESS: local_file: Test\Path\Views\Home\Index.aspx
remote_path: remote_file: (0)
POST_GUESS: local_file: Test\Path/Views/Home\Index.aspx
remote_path: Path/Views/Home remote_file: Index.aspx
Searching for skip_entry ftp://XXX:XXX@XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:21/Path/Views/Home
--11:33:38-- `Test\Path/Views/Home\Index.aspx'
=> ftp://XXX:xxxxx@XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:21/Path/Views/Home/Index.aspx
starting again
Connecting to XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:21... c_sock: 60
initiating timeout connect (300)
Checking whether 96 is writable... 1 (0:No error)
connected# Welcome to the release server FTP site.
[220] 'FileZilla Server version 0.9.37 beta'
==> AUTH TLS ... ---->AUTH TLS

[502] 'SSL/TLS authentication not allowed'
failed (SSL/TLS authentication not allowed).
Logging in as XXX ... ---->USER XXX

[331] 'Password required for XXX'
[230] 'Logged on'
Logged in!
previous directory: target: Path/Views/Home
==> CWD Path/Views/Home---->CWD Path/Views/Home

[250] 'CWD successful. "/Path/Views/Home" is current directory.'

local_fsize: 9320
target_fsize: 0
resume_table: 1,1,1
Remote file size is bigger than local size. Restarting at 0
==> MDTM Index.aspx ... ---->MDTM Index.aspx

[213] '20111111115441'
done (modified on 11.11.2011 at 11:54:41)
timestamping: local: 1321267733 seconds
remote: 1323604481 seconds; diff:
timestamping: local: Mon Nov 14 10:48:53 2011
remote: Sun Dec 11 11:54:41 2011
-- Skipping file: Test\Path/Views/Home\Index.aspx (remote is newer)
processing queue:
Connection ended. (7a0030)
Checking whether 96 is writable... 1 (0:No error)

[221] 'Goodbye'
Closing socket 7a0030
FINISHED --11:33:38--
Skipped 1 file.


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