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Wolfpack Emu / News: Recent posts

Wolfpack 12.9.12 Beta Released

Wolfpack 12.9.12 Beta has been released.

This release includes many improvements and changes, including an added Mage AI for monsters (Monster_Mage), random magic item generation for the monster loot, all teleporters for the official maps improved npc movement speeds, reduced network latency and a rewritten spawnregion definition format.

A complete changelog can be found here: read more

Posted by Anonymous 2004-10-18

Wolfpack Releases 12.9.11 Beta

Wolfpack today released version 12.9.11 Beta of it's Ultima Online server emulation software. With many bugfixes and feature improvements this is to be considered a major step forward for the project.

Posted by Anonymous 2004-09-27

Wolfpack Release 12.8.6 (stable)

Wolfack, an Ultima Online server software, have pulled another bug fix release. This version addresses several stability issues.
Please refer to for ChangeLog.

Posted by Correa 2002-07-23