VA VistA Demo VivitA and SemiVivA available

VA VistA Demo 200512 SemiVivA and VivitA are available. This is a partially configured version VistA released by the VA in December, 2005, with dummy patients intended to demonstrate the CPRS GUI client. This is not intended to be otherwise usable as a VistA configuration.

The MD5 checksum of the SemiVivA gzip'd tar archive is 2f10e19ab32a7bd3b378c7a58db7fa3a and that of the VivitA ISO image is a6792f3957a37f92f59a0544c49c5845.

To use VA VistA Demo VivitA, burn the ISO file on a CD and boot it on a PC with (a) a 1GB USB
flash drive connected, or (b) a hard drive with a FAT or Linux file
system with at least 600MB space available. Further instructions are in
a browser window on bootup.

To install VA VistA Demo SemiVivA on a Linux PC, download the file to your PC, e.g., as /Distrib/VistA/VAVistADemoSemiVivA200512.tgz. Then, as root:

cd /usr/local
tar zxvf /Distrib/VistA/VAVistADemoSemiVivA200512.tgz

To create an environment, e.g., in ~/myVAVistADemo, as a normal user, execute:

/usr/local/VAVistADemo200512/install ~/myVAVistADemo

To exceute an installed environment, e.g., one installed in ~/myVAVistADemo, as a normal user, execute:


To execute an entryref, e.g., XXX^YYY, execute (as a normal user):

~/myVAVistADemo/run XXX^YYY

-- Bhaskar

Posted by K.S. Bhaskar 2006-08-19

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